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Five yoga poses to fight cellulite

We know it: to dislodge the captions, moving is essential. Followers of gentle methods? Try yoga at YTTI Rishikesh!

Known for its beneficial effects against stress and tension, Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh also acts gently and deeply on our body, by working muscle building. Breathing deeply and deeply during exercises also plays a key role: breathing generates better oxygenation of cells, improves circulation and cleanses the body of its toxins. This will slowly but surely remove cellulite, but also prevent fat storage. What appeal to those who prefer gentle methods. And to start, these five postures, which will work at the same time the hips, the arms, the abs, the glutes ...

The Eagle

This posture is practised standing, feet apart (hip width). Inhale by raising your arms up to shoulder height, palms facing up. We cross the left arm above the right, resting the elbows one on the other. We bend our elbows and place our palms face to face. Then place the right foot behind the left leg, wrap around the ankle, the left knee slightly bent. You hold the position for five breaths by contracting the abs well and looking in front of you. The exercise is repeated four times, alternating the position of the arms and legs.

The chair

We start standing, feet together, ankles slightly apart. We bend our knees and lower our hips as if we were sitting on a chair in a vacuum. Then raise your arms up to align your hips, shoulders and hands. We hold by contracting the abdominals for 5 breaths. The exercise is repeated four times.

The cobra

Lying on your stomach, palms resting on the floor at your shoulders, you push your arms so as to arch your back (without forcing). The legs remain stretched. We breathe deeply and hold for 40 seconds. We descend slowly while folding our arms. The movement is repeated four times.

The boat

Lying on your back, legs outstretched, arms alongside your body. While inspiring, we climb the legs as high as possible, without bending them. We stretch our feet and raise our chest by stretching our arms forward while aiming at the toes. Be careful not to arch your back or shoot the nape; only the abs are solicited! You hold 20 seconds while breathing deeply. One releases while exhaling. To reproduce four times.

The board

A position is well known also by fitness enthusiasts, which works the whole body in depth! Lying on your stomach, take support on your hands or forearms. One pushes on the feet to form a very straight plank from the ankles to the head. We contract the muscles by breathing deeply and we hold as long as possible. Be careful not to dig your back or climb your buttocks. There too, we repeat four times.

Fifteen minutes, two to three times a week, are enough to execute the following movements, which can be done alone (if you are starting out for example) or to complete a sports session. You can, gradually, complete this series with other postures such as the bow, the candle, the half-bridge or the warrior 2. Do not forget either to drink a lot of water and to favour a healthy and balanced diet.

When is the best time of day to do sports Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh?

Beginning the day with a workout, experts say, is the best time of day to get started. Indeed, a sweating session upon waking would have greater health benefits than doing it later in the day, for several reasons.

1. For a healthier lifestyle

When you return from a workout, you are not often very hungry. And if you are hungry, your choices will go more easily toward healthy products. And this is very easy to explain: when you have given everything in your workout and come back, you are generally proud of yourself and more motivated than ever to adopt a healthy lifestyle. When you get to work, you will gladly take the stairs rather than the elevator, you will more easily choose a balanced breakfast rather than pastries stuffed with butter and sugar: in short, starting your day with the sport will make you take small decisions, much better for your health and which in the long term, will have beneficial effects on you and your body.

2. You will sleep like a dormouse

Exercising in the evening could affect your sleep, according to the American National Sleep Foundation. Tests have shown that people who do their sport at 7:00 a.m. sleep more and stay 75% longer in the most restorative sleep cycles than those who do sport later in the day or in the evening. As for those who do their sports Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh before going to sleep, they would have a much harder time falling asleep, probably due to the higher body temperature and adrenaline levels.

3. To reduce the risk of hypertension

Physical activity helps to soften the arterial walls and increase the dilation capacity of blood vessels. Exercising in the morning would lower this blood pressure by 10% according to a study published in the Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management. The later you do your sports Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh session during the day, at least this blood pressure will be lowered.

4. You will have a better day

Nothing like an endorphin shoot to start your day. Indeed, it acts a bit like morphine, like an analgesic on your body. Waking up to exercise will help you feel better, physically and mentally. You will feel that you have accomplished your duty and you will be more positive and optimistic to start your day. Also, you will be less anxious and less stressed quickly. (Your colleagues can only thank you!)

5. You will have your free evenings

Beyond the fact that playing sports Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh in the morning is beneficial for your health, also think about the practical side: you are completely free to do whatever you want with your evenings without feeling guilty because you will have preferred happy hour in the bar next to you and postponed your sports Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh session for the last time. And then by putting sport into your morning routine, you will be sure not to postpone your session until later, because you are tired because it is raining, or because your pyjamas pillow and Nelfix are waiting for you… in short, No more false excuses!

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