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Women and men have a completely different approach to the aspect of fitness and physical exertion. Despite a few exceptions, it is still much easier to notice a girl accompanying a partner at the gym or during cross-fit classes than them together during yoga practice. Why? Many gentlemen are still not very convinced that yoga can and should be practised by men, without diminishing their male ego. So how do you make your partner delve into the ropes of yoga in Rishikesh? Click here for more info.

First steps

The first cats for fences, or how to effectively make your partner turn promises into deeds? The key to this is to present the right challenge. It must be hard enough to reach to properly mobilize for a specific action. There are several solutions and here are the first of them:

Acro Yoga with a Partner

In practice, it is very similar to gymnastics in pairs - like systems presented at various types of competitions. The partner will have to work on his own strength, because maintaining your weight (even minimal), even in the long run will be a big challenge. For you, it will remain in the right balance and work on flexibility will make every muscle of your body beautifully highlighted.
And in addition, you will create together unforgettable moments of laughter, fun, probably sometimes pain - but one thing is certain; they will make your relationship take on colours again.

Ashtang Vinyasa classes

If you are an advanced yogi, even if not necessarily in this particular style, challenge your man: "I bet you can't stand the end of the class ..." His ego will start working intensively, and once the challenge is taken it will turn into a long-term motivation leading to a very positive change. Thanks to this, your partner will notice how much effort and sweat you really need to put in to make all this work, because, from the outside, many asanas look simple and trouble-free. Until you try it out!

Something for everyone

In the man's mind, challenges are the natural course of things. The man is a hunter who likes to overcome adversity. If you noticed such behaviour in your partner, do not hesitate and use them for your own and his good. There are many different techniques and styles of yoga, so everyone can find something for themselves. The most difficult are the beginnings, and then you may be surprised because your partner will become a private motivator 😉


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