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Yoga practice is above all seeking balance. That is why rest and regeneration is as important as working in asanas. Sometimes our body calls for rest only after the session , but there are days that we are not able to force ourselves to intensive practice. I encourage regenerative practice, in which our body experiences lengthening, but it happens in a passive way. These positions will allow you to experience peace and your body and mind will calm down. To make these asanas, you need equipment that is generally found in every home.

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1. Supta virasana on a roller

  • sit in virasana and put your hands on your feet
  • arrange the long shaft along behind you
  • lie on the roller in the same way as you would lay on the floor. The spine is to be placed evenly along the roller
  • you can hold your hands on the sides, behind your head with your palms facing the ceiling or braided (hold your elbows)
  • however, if one roller is insufficient, it can use two or a folded blanket

2. Supta baddha konasana

  • this position can be carried out lying on the shaft as described above or without additional assistance
  • sit in a baddha kona sleigh, arrange the roller along it and lie on it on your back
  • in this position you can use all supta virasana hand positions
  • In both of these positions, be careful not to collapse in the cage. Breathe evenly, relaxing your throat and face muscles. In addition, close your eyes. Let your breath flow calmly.

3. Setubandha sarvangasana on crossed rollers

  • arrange the two rollers one on top of the other crosswise, the bottom one across and the top one longitudinally
  • sit on the edge of the upper roller and lie down so that the back of the head and shoulders rest on the floor /
  • stretch out your arms from side to side
  • lengthen your legs, let them rest on the floor
  • chest open
  • if necessary, add support for the shoulders, neck and head, and if you feel discomfort in the lumbar section keep your legs higher (e.g. on a roller, box, ankles)
  • to leave the position, slide down towards the head.
  • Make sure you reach the correct back arch when lying on the rollers. If you slip too much towards the head, then the stomach will be pushed out. In turn, if you slip too much towards the legs, then you can overload the loins, and the shoulders and head will tense because they will not be supported.

    These are just a few regenerating asanas. I will definitely come back to this topic again, because it is extremely important in the context of a practice that would be worth calming sometimes.


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